Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Whiners and Losers

President Bush and me.
Here's what your thinking right now:  "Good job.  You made it a full one post into your resolution and immediately quit.  I bet your enjoying all that fast food and losing at Scrabble, too!"

Well, first off, watch your spelling.  It should be "you're enjoying," not "your enjoying."  And I'll have you know I've won a game or two of Scrabble.  So there.

But about the writing.  I haven't actually broken that resolution yet!  I did write a blog post last week and a long one at that.  Nearly 7 pages, if you can believe it.  I was just about to post it, but then I decided to sleep for a night.  When I read it in the morning, I immediately deleted it.  Why?

All seven pages of that blog post were some of the angriest, and subsequently whiniest, things I had ever read.  I had decided to write about politics, which should have been a warning sign in the first place.  It started out OK, with a brief summary of recent events, the debates and whatnot.  Throw in a snarky comment here and there for flavor.  Honestly, it was decent.  But then, it turned.  Instead of just offering well thought out opinions or criticisms, I took to just complaining.  "Obama hasn't fixed things!"  "There's no decent candidates!"  "I don't want to vote for Newt Gingrich!" "Mormons are weird!"  "I want ice cream!"  "Coldplay's new album sucks!"  "I'm single, and it's YOUR fault!"  As you can see, I went into meltdown mode pretty quick.  I lost the focus on politics (not that I think it would have helped to keep it), and just started scatter shot whining.

That's not what I want this blog to be.  There's enough self-interested, whine-blogs out there (Insert outdated emo joke here).  So I deleted everything and took a couple days off from writing to calm down.

Now, I'm not saying that I'll never discuss politics again.  I will.  I'm also not saying I won't complain on this blog.  However, I want it to be constructive.  If all I'm doing in pissing in the wind about Mitt Romney's tax returns, then it's not doing anyone any good.  Instead, I hope to offer something positive as well.  Maybe discuss what WOULD make for a decent presidential candidate (Jon Huntsman, come back!).  Or offer insight into my own personal political and spiritual growth.  But I promise, the one thing this blog won't do is become a bitching outlet.  And if you don't like that, well, there's always LiveJournal.

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  1. Hey, okay to complain, but as in my field, offer a solution, as well. Glad to see you writing again.